Musical Examiner

Musical Examiner 2008.06.10

"Musical Examiner" helps to develop ear for music,...

"Musical Examiner" helps to develop ear for music, it's aimed at training the user's ability to seize music using musical ear and perform it at once.

This gives practical experience no textbook can give and can only be obtaining by performing music. 16 tracks of MIDI sequencer allows to study to create music, playing the mouse on the virtual MIDI keyboard.

"Musical Examiner" offers:1. Examine your ear for music. 2. "Musical Examiner" examines (and trains) your musical memory. 3. Choice of tasks of two-note sequence on chromatic scale is very useful relative musical ear training exercise.

4. Suggested mode choice introduces main natural modes. Being based on the mode sense practicing in these modes develops ear for music, that is the main solfeggio direction.

5. In mode tasks the knowledge of scale notes is supposed. Turning the extramode sounds off the selected mode helps to cope with the "Mode and Key" chapter and gives hints during task fulfillment.

6. Listening skill and ability to recognize the sounded note in specific mode are developed. This ability depends on how good the ear for music is developed and also on music memory that should keep to yourself stable mode sounds.

7. Knowledge and ability to hear melodic sound of all basic triad and seventh types chords are given at task selection. 8. "Musical Examiner" is provided for the possibility of a real solfeggio test as during the studying process the log file is created and it contains information on how often the user had used the program and how much time it had taken9.

Exercises results are kept in special log of marks for all kinds of tasks. According to this log a music teacher can evaluate pupil's progress.

10. Work time is automatically accounted in TimeLog. txt file11. "Musical Examiner" is equipped with 16 channel MIDI sequencer12. Additional options include metronome and tune oscillator for tuning musical instruments.

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Musical Examiner


Musical Examiner 2008.06.10

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